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Steel Cutting Facilities

First cutting of steel for GDF Cygnus project at Heerema Hartlepool.
Need to Cut Your Bargain Steel?

We Have You Sorted!

Bargain Steel Centre offers onsite cutting facilities. Including cut to length rectangular hollow section, Universal beams, Mesh sheets and more. We have bandsaws, drop saws, oxy cutting, and angle grinders. In addition, we’re also providers of a range of other services for the industry, such as cropping and punching of plates, bending flat plate, folding sheet metal and curving of rectangular hollow section and pipe. At Bargain Steel Centre, our steel cutting facilities guarantee the accuracy and quality of your steel components. Trust us as your go-to steel suppliers in Adelaide.


Steel Cutting Facilities

Advanced Equipment

We use state-of-the-art cutting machinery for precision and efficiency.

Custom Cutting

We can cut steel to your precise dimensions and shapes.

Wide Range of Materials

Our cutting facilities can handle various steel types and thicknesses.

Quantity Flexibility

Whether you need a single piece or large quantities, our facilities are equipped to handle your demands.

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